Thomazeau Haiti

Thomazeau or Tomazo as the local calls it, is a town in west Haiti. It is not too far from the capital Port Au Prince. Just a few minutes ride will land you in Thomazeau.

Thomazeau history

Thomazeau became a town on September 10 1826. It was not a commune until the month of August 1889. The people of Thomazeau are known as Thomazelais.

The four communal sections of Thomazeau are: (Ville de Thomazeau, 1er section Grande Plaine), 2e section Grande Plaine, 3eme section Trou D’eau and 4eme section des Crochus

Thomazeau localities

Some of the localities in these sections are: Trou-Caiman,Deba,Chambrun,Dalman,L’etang,Penigot,La Hatte-Cadet, Dimuseau,Drouillard,Trou-D’eau,Balan,Terre-blanche,Decaette, etc…

Thomazeau geographical location is 18.65 latitude and -72.09 longitude. The elevation of this beautiful town is 36meters above sea level.

Thomazeau is only 24 miles from Port au Prince. It is in the Croix des Bouquets Arrondissement which is in the west department of Haiti. Cornillon, Croix-des-Bouquets and Fond Parisien are the 3 biggest cities near Thomazeau

Thomazeau has a small medical clinic. It has a few private schools and some government owned schools.

Thomazeau is the 8th largest city in the west. Thomazeau has over 53,000 people. The people of Thomazeau are really nice. Most people of Thomazeau earn their livings in the agriculture and commerce industry. 

Places to visit

Etang Saumatre in Thomazeau
Etang Saumatre in Thomazeau

St. Anne is the catholic church of Thomazeau.

Places to visit include Sous Trou Caiman, Etang Saumatre, Tet sous and more to come…

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